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Living in New Zealand

Life in New Zealand

New Zealand, also known as Aotearoa in Māori, is a relaxed and welcoming country, with a multicultural society and stunning landscapes. It is also ranked as the second most peaceful country in the world (Global Peace Index 2018).

New Zealanders, nicknamed "Kiwis" after the national bird, are renowned for their friendly, laid-back culture and are very proud of their country's heritage.

Thanks to its small population, New Zealand is not a very crowded country and has an abundance of natural wonders to explore. Even in the larger cities, the countryside, mountains and beaches are only a short distance away.

Instead of the busy lifestyle of many other western nations, New Zealanders enjoy a slower pace of living and value having a good work-life balance.

New Zealand is proud to welcome people from around the world. This means there is a large diversity of cultures and ethnicities represented in towns and cities across the country, as well as a unique and exciting food scene.

Experience the great outdoors

New Zealand has a mild climate with warm summers, and winters sometimes described as cooler, but rarely freezing. In summer (December to February) average temperatures range from 21 - 26°C, and in the winter months (June to August) from 5 - 14°C.

The mild climate in New Zealand is ideal for exploring the great outdoors and seeing lots of native wildlife. New Zealand is world-famous for its natural, unspoilt landscapes, many of which are within close reach of one another. From stunning beaches and coastline at Rotorua and Raglan, to epic rainforests and mountains, there is plenty to offer adventurous international students in New Zealand.

Students living in New Zealand have the opportunity to take part in plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, black water rafting, snowboarding and surfing.

Māori culture

  • Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand
  • Māori culture has existed in New Zealand for over 1000 years
  • Today, Māori people make up 14% of New Zealand’s population
  • Māori people have their own unique culture, language and traditions, many of which are still practiced today. These include wood carving and crafts, food, whaikorero (story telling), ta moko (tattooing), and kapa haka (group performance)
Waikato Pathways College student Frank from China

The university is a good place to live. It’s not too far from the main city, but it's quieter and not too noisy. It's made me feel more comfortable. All my classmates and my teachers are really kind to me.

Frank from China
Studying Foundation Studies at Waikato Pathways College

Welcome to Waikato

Waikato Pathways College is located in the city of Hamilton, situated on the banks of the scenic Waikato River. The city offers a friendly cosmopolitan lifestyle in the heart of North Island. Hamilton has all the comforts and convenience of a modern city, with a relaxed, slower pace of living.

When you progress to the University of Waikato, you can choose to study at one of the campuses in Tauranga in the beautiful Bay of Plenty region. Here, you can enjoy everything the city has to offer, while also being a short walk from the beach and local beauty spots.

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