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How to pay

How to accept your offer

You can accept your offer and pay your fees once you receive your AIP or ‘Approval in Principle’ letter from Immigration New Zealand confirming you have been issued a visa. Once we have received your fee payment, you will receive a receipt which you can use to complete your visa application.


Paying your fees

The recommended method of payment is by Western Union online transfer. Alternative payment options are available if you prefer.

Why use Western Union?

  • There is no transfer charge using Western Union Business Solutions
  • Payments are secure, easy and reliable, and you will receive your receipt more quickly
  • You can pay in your own currency, but the payment amount will be made in New Zealand dollars
  • Once the payment is made, the exchange rate is locked for 72 hours to ensure that there are no changes to the final amount you will be charged

How to pay with Western Union Business

You can pay from your bank account with a telegraphic or domestic transfer on by clicking the following link: https://student.globalpay.wu.com/geo-buyer/waikato. Please include your Waikato student ID from your Offer Letter of Statement of Account when you pay your fees.

If you have any questions, please contact studentpaymentsnz@westernunion.com

Please note that Western Union Business Solutions are for international transactions only. If you have a New Zealand bank account, please use one of the alternative payment options listed below.


Alternative Payment Options

If you are unable to make a payment using Western Union, alternative payment options are also available using:

  • Telegraphic transfer
  • Bank draft or cheque

These payment options can take up to seven working days to complete.

Please quote the student identification number and details within the particulars section of the remittance advice/telegraphic transfer application so that your transfer can be easily tracked.

Please note you will need to cover any additional bank fee charges associated with transferring funds. Additional costs normally amount to NZD$25.

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